Pangolin : Meat of Pangolins -The source of Wuhan coronavirus outbreak.

Pangolin meat may be source of Wuhan virus outbreak.

Coronavirus Coronavirus is the cause of this animal .. Pangolin or bats and snakes! The deadliest coronavirus virus in central China’s Hubei provinces. The death toll from the pandemic has crossed 700.

UAE has suspended all its flights to and fro from Iran because of coronavirus outbreak in Iran.

CoronaVirus death toll soars to 700.

The coronavirus epidemic in China is even more severe. As of Saturday, the death toll from the virus had reached 722. The number of virus victims reached 34,546, officials said. More than 700 people lost their lives due to the Sars virus that hit China in the past, exceeding the current figure. On Friday, 88 people passed away, including 85 in one province.

1540 infected patients have been successfully treated.

On the other hand, the number of hospital admissions under suspicion of the virus is steadily improving. So far 1540 people have left the hospital after treatment. The virus was passed on to another newborn. In Europe, the number of people infected with the virus has reached 31. Chinese doctor Lee Wenliang, who warned of the coronavirus early in December, has begun a comprehensive investigation into the deaths of the virus that caused its death in the early hours of Friday.

Chinese President Xinping has appealed to US President Donald Trump to look at the spread of the coronavirus and its aftermath with calm wills. He urged them to look into their efforts to prevent the virus and to launch a public war. On the other hand, China has been protesting the cancellation of flights by several countries for fear of the virus. These actions ignite the World Health Organization’s guidelines.

Scientists say that snakes and bats are responsible for the deadly coronavirus outbreak.

However, Chinese scientists have recently announced that it is caused by a pangolin . A study by scientists at the University of South China Agricultural University found that the genotype of the genome matched 99 percent of the samples of coronavirus virus victims. Scientists who have collected specimens from more than 1000 animals have analyzed their genome. This included samples of virus infected with pangolin. People eat its meat in China and other countries. Some experts do not agree regarding this study. They conflict pangolin.

According to genetic analysis, 96% of bats have been found to match the patterns of corona-type virus victims. However, a study by the French Pasteur Institute found that bats do not directly infect humans. They thought this was another animal. Also, the cause of the sarcasm that brokeout in China in 2002-03 was because of cat. The Chinese are fond of its meat.

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