Guntur city and district news today | Four new covid-19 corona virus cases

To begin with, there are four new coronavirus covid 19 positive cases in Guntur city in last 24 hours. The latest figure of total cases in guntur district raised to 126 today. Total no of cases in Andhra Pradesh rose to 573. Health officials are doing the tests very slowly and carefully. They are declaring after multiple check point confirmations. So, the figures are raising steadily but slowly. New cases are 38 in total in AP today. This is guntur news today in short.

Corona cases in Sangadigunta and anand pet today.

In the four new covid 19 cases registered in Guntur district today, Sangadigunta – 2, Ananda pet -1 and ponnur town -1 case are there. As the cases are increasing every day in Guntur city and also in Guntur district police have tightened curfew restrictions. They have let people come for essentials only between 6 am to 9 am daily. In some places it is only on alternative days. In areas locked down with Red Zone only one person from a family can come out on alternative days.

Now, vehicles carrying essential food commodities are coming into city only from 3 roads. 1)Kakani road 2)amaravathi road 3) Chuttigunta road. If any body is not able to explain proper reason for coming out, Police are seizing their vehicles also.

Corona news in ponnur

There are many regional markets temporary for vegetables, fruits, kirana items, eggs and milk. The people have to buy these commodities in their respective areas only. They should not roam too far from their house. Police are continuously monitoring Sangadigunta, old guntur, anada pet with drones.

Guntur city corona news today

In conclusion, district administration has made arrangements to deliver food essentials to door steps in these areas. They are referring suspected cases to testing and also quarantine.

Amaravathi foods and super markets is delivering daily essentials and kirana items through RTC bus in the city. AP Home Minister Mrs Sucharita has shown green signal to this service today. We can order many things with just a phone call. She requested guntur citizens to utilize this service instead standing in ques in super markets. There is no issue with social distance in this way she said.

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