Covid-19 latest updates

Covid-19 outbreak is now declared a global pandemic that has grappled the whole world. The novel human Corona virus(Covid-19) which is believed to have originated in a live wild life market in Wuhan has now found its way to 199 countries across the globe affecting about 5.94 lakhs of people and reported to have caused at least 27000 deaths so far.

With the number of positive cases spiraling across the globe, US today has become the latest epicenter of the virus with the number of positive cases standing at 85,356 and around 1600 deaths. 

Its alarming that yesterday alone 18000 new cases have been reported confirmed globally. 

The numbers continue to surge in India too with the number of active cases standing at 775. There were 19 deaths reported in India so far while the number recovered is 78. 

The times of Corona Virus (Covid-19) have forced upon affected nations, the imposing of lockdowns, quarantines, isolations, curfews, work from homes, and social distancing. The severe impact of these measures has caused disproportionate hurt to formal and informal sectors in the respective countries.

 The world leaders are seen keeping on their toes to keep their economies from collapsing while trying to flatten the rising curve. Adding to the loss, Stock markets also witnessed meteoric crashes.

IMF today declared that the world has entered into recession.

As the numbers keep climbing with no medication or vaccination in place, economic uncertainty too, is creating high anxiety among the public. Covid-19 being highly infectious, the trajectory of the threat exacerbates a feeling of helplessness. It’s not only about getting sick, but also concerns regarding the future of children given the times of sudden economic recession and change.

Though we understand that social distancing and proper hand washing is the only solution to fight the pandemic, how will we know if we have done it well enough? Is everyone with symptoms showing up at hospitals? Are we testing enough? With various questions in mind, the public fears are heightening due to looming vulnerability. Lack of information is part of what drives feelings of anxiety in people. It’s the fear of the unknown. 

In this war like situation, we can only make a collective effort towards the eradication of the virus by practicing proper sanitization, hygiene and social distancing. Prayers and hope keep us optimistic. Exercise increases endurance. Compassion creates trust. Let’s practice these good things too to keep the Covid-19 at bay. And most importantly,


And keep our fingers crossed.

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