Coronavirus in Iran : UAE bans all flights with Iran over coronavirus outbreak .

coronavirus in Iran : The United Arab Emirates, home to the long-haul airlines Emirates and Etihad, remains an important international transit route for the 80 million people in Iran.

The UAE banned all flights to and from Iran on Tuesday due to the outbreak of the new corona virus, just one day after its spread to the Middle East from the Islamic Republic was announced.

coronavirus in Iran : Dubai, UAE will have flight restrictions.

The Emirates General Civil Aviation Authority made an announcement through the country’s state-run news agency, WAM. This is just a few hours after Dubai International Airport anouncement. That is the world’s busiest international airport, it would have flight restrictions.

“All passenger and cargo planes traveling to and from Iran will be suspended for a week and could be extended,” the agency said. “The decision is a UAE precaution to ensure strict monitoring and prevention of the spread of the new coronavirus.”

UAE suspends its flights to Iran.

Emirates, the state-owned airline based in Dubai, flies to Tehran every day. The low-cost sister airline FlyDubai flies to several Iranian cities, as does the low-cost airline Air Arabia based in Sharjah.

The announcement came after Bahrain announced that it would suspend all flights from Dubai and Sharjah. Bahrain is neighboring emirate of the United Arab Emirates that is home to Air Arabia.

The Bahraini Ministry of Health increased the number of cases infected with the new virus to eight on Tuesday. Everyone had come from Iran via Dubai. Four of them were Saudi nationals. The cases were confirmed. According to the official Bahraini news agency, cases confirmed upon arrival in Bahrain. This was during airport screenings and prior to suspension of flights to Dubai and Sharjah.

Dubai has examined passengers on incoming flights from China, where the outbreak started in December. The Iranian government announced Monday that 12 people had died from the new corona virus nationwide. It denied a lawmaker from Qom City. This was at the epicenter of the virus in the country, alleging that the death toll would increase by 50. The conflicting reports raise questions about the transparency of the Iranian government regarding the extent of the outbreak.

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani attempted to calm the nation in a speech on Tuesday, calling the new corona virus an “unwanted and unfavorable passenger”.

“We will come through the corona,” said Rouhani. “We’ll get through the virus.”

Afghanistan, Kuwait, Iraq and Oman also announced their first cases of the virus on Monday, linking them to trips to Iran.

The UAE, a federation of seven sheikhs in the Arabian Peninsula, has reported 13 cases of the new virus. Most of them have association with Chinese travel.

Kuwait has increased the no of cases.

Kuwait has now increased the number of infected cases from three to five. All five were passengers returning on a flight from the Iranian city of Mashhad. The Iranian government has not yet announced a single case of the virus.

The state news agency Kuwait reported on Monday evening about the two most recent cases. That is involving two women whose nationality has not been released. Kuwait had closed its links with Iran at the weekend and evacuated its citizens from Iran.

Oman, which has good relations with Iran, has also stopped flights with its neighbor in the Persian Gulf. Qatar and the United Arab Emirates are the only two Gulf states that still offer direct flights to Iran. As there is now coronavirus in Iran.

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