#Chinesevirus19 War going on twitter | supporting and opposing China

Twitter has become a battle field with a hash tag #chinesevirus19. many groups have started shooting their opinions in tweets with tag #chinesevirus19 eighter supporting china or opposing china.

Covid 19 Coronavirus out break happened in Wuhan city of china. Till the first week of January most of the world did not take it seriously. In fact china too did not do same. A 34 year doctor by name LEE first identified that he was treating a group of 8 people in wuhan. The group of people were having similar symptoms resembling to SARS virus that too broke out earlier in china. He shared the news in Wechat a communication app like our Whatsapp or Telegram in India.

On the same night Chinese authorities arrested him took to jail and questioned him. They forced him to reveal public that his comments were about unknown rumours and there was no particular evidence about the virus outbreak. After written commitment from him he let him free to do his duty.

Unfortunately the 34 year doctor who was expecting a baby soon becoming father for 2nd time too hit was virus. He continued to give leaks about his findings about the chinesevirus19. That is covid 19 coronavirus.

#Chinesevirus19 Covid may be secret bio-weapon of china.

The recent development is some western countries suppose this Covid 19 as Bio weapon and china launched it safeguard its economy. In the new global arena outsiders came to china and started claiming stakes in majority companies. After the Chinesevirus19 outbreak some foreign investors sold their stakes in Chinese equities and booked loss or profit. These pickings were again gathered by strong hands close to China govt now.

Global markets went into panic. More clearly american indexes faced too much soar. In fact some chinese strong hands picked up opportunities in global companies and a cheap price. In conclusion Indexes in china from Jan 2020 have been neutral or gained. All other global indices have fallen lost ground from the levels they were in jan 2020.

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