British boxer Amir khan donation to fight coronavirus Covid 19.

To begin with, British boxer Amir Khan has offered help to the health authorities in the fight against the coronavirus. Hats off to Boxer Amir khan for his donation to covid 19 fight.

British boxer Amir khan donation to fight coronavirus Covid 19
British boxer Amir khan

The two-time world champion in professional boxing has tweeted that he will offer his four-story building to the British National Health Service (NHS) to keep COVID-19 patients.

How ever, the 33-year-old posted a picture of him in front of his 60,000-square-foot building. It was boxer Amir khan donation. He said he knew how difficult it was “to get a hospital bed during this tragic period.”

In the caption, he went on to say that he was ready to offer his new future wedding and retail store building, “to help people affected by the coronavirus.”

The facility was due to open later in August this year as a wedding venue. Khan concluded the post by saying, “Please keep it safe.”

In Britain, over 9,500 cases tested positive for COVID-19, with the death toll exceeding 450.

In conclusion, Prince Charles, the eldest son of Elizabeth II and heir to the British throne have tested positive on Wednesday. They have infection with coronavirus.

Amir Khan’s range is the latest from athletes and teams. Tennis legend Roger Federer and wife Mirka donated one million Swiss francs to the “most vulnerable families” in Switzerland. Soccer star Lionel Messi donated one million euros to a hospital in Barcelona. Cristiano Ronaldo and his agent gave medical devices worth a million euros to some Portuguese hospitals.

Earlier, Former Pakistani cricket captain Shahid Afridi and his charity have distributed food. They have distributed disinfectants, and other essential items also to the needy.

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