Lock down India | Corona news updates today about extention.

When should lock down in India end about coronavirus? This is the question people are asking and is under discussion by executives and government officials.

In his interactions with Prime Ministers last week, Prime Minister Narendra Modi asked them for a strategy to exit the country’s 24 March ban, to curb an outbreak of a novel corona virus. The 21-day national ban would end on April 14th. Now the dominant state proposal for the exit strategy is to extend the ban.

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At least half a dozen states, including the worst affected Maharashtra, have been reported to have approved the expansion of the national ban as the coronavirus situation has not subsided. Some others have called for a gradual end to the ban. In its interaction with the Prime Minister, PM Modi also advocated a phased lifting of the ban.

This state of confusion is due to the fact that there is no concrete model worldwide to end the blocking of corona viruses. In China, where the Covid 19 pandemic started, the ban lasted more than two months and China came out of it step by step.

For example, China lifted the lock at the Wuhan coronavirus epicenter after 76 days. Wuhan residents can now travel to the city and cross their borders. However, the Chinese authorities have reportedly monitored people’s movements closely.

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There are generally five priorities around which exit strategies may come out worldwide. We can view lockdown as a strategy that results from the confusion that has caused the coronavirus pandemic. Since the virus is still new and we have not yet understood it in full, the ban has given the authorities some time to draw up a plan. So lock down to continue in India.

So the first focus is a plan. This is what the Director General of the World Health Organization (WHO), Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, said in March: “Asking people to stay at home means buying time and reducing pressure on health systems. The purpose of these measures is to do this , more precise and precise measures to enable targeted measures that are necessary to stop the transmission and save lives. “

Therefore, the blocking of the coronavirus in India can end if there is a plan to attack and eradicate the virus.

The second focus is that the country’s health system is ready to attack the coronavirus. India is currently lacking medical resources to cope with the coronavirus situation. Many more millions of personal protective equipment (PPE), masks, gloves, disinfectants and test kits requirement is there. We may need big no of ventilators.

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There is a shortage of doctors, nurses and medical assistants in India. Human resources in healthcare are already very thin in India. Most Indian workers are suffering from unemployment or work from home. Doctors and other health professionals along with people involved in essential services report to their jobs every day.

Doctors and healthcare professionals do not get weeks off during the ban. In some cases, reports say doctors and hospital staff should avoid using washrooms. Many drink less water to avoid urine use and use adult diapers to reduce the frequency of the washroom.

In Assam, the government has adopted a strategy that gives doctors and nurses time to recover from work permits. Basically, however, it is a quarantine policy.

This option to prepare yourself medically for the coronavirus situation will therefore take much longer. We can think to use it as a yardstick for lifting the national block. Some states like Tamil Nadu and Kerala can do this. However, there may be another situation for this approach, when the lock begins to smooth or bend the coronavirus curve in India.

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