Delhi assembly elections updates : Arvind kejriwal given token No 45.

In the dream of Lage Raho Arvind Kejriwal, Delhi CM is in the queue for nominations. Delhi assembly elections updates

Dozens of Delhi election candidates without suitable nomination papers or enough applicants refused to allow Prime Minister Arvind Kejriwal to submit his nomination papers on Tuesday until they were done, an AAP MLA said.

Given sign number 45, Arvind Kejriwal is waiting to submit nomination
AAP MLA says dozens without proper nomination papers are causing delays
I am pleased that so many people are participating in democracy: Kejriwal

It’s a photo that is likely to release a meme or two: A grim-looking Arvind Kejriwal is waiting in a crowded room for his turn to submit nomination papers. Interesting Delhi assembly elections updates.

An AAP MLA said dozens of electoral candidates with no suitable nomination papers or enough applicants refused to let the Prime Minister of Delhi submit their papers until they were done themselves.

Greater Kailash’s MLA Saurabh Bharadwaj claimed that around 35 candidates caused the delay.

The deputy prime minister of Delhi, Manish Sisodia, also accused the BJP of preventing Kejriwal from submitting his nomination. On Twitter, he wrote: “BJP has sent 45 candidates to submit their nominations to Arvind Kejriwal. The Electoral Commission deliberately spends 30 minutes to an hour on those who don’t have all the papers, those who don’t have applicants – – all with it Arvind Kejriwal cannot submit his nomination. “

The prime minister himself tweeted about the long queue, but formulated his message somewhat differently.

“I am waiting to submit my nomination. My token number is 45. There are many people here to submit nomination papers. I am so happy that so many people are participating in democracy,” said Arvind Kejriwal.

He later replied to Saurabh Bharadwaj’s tweet, saying that he “enjoyed” waiting with the other candidates. Many of them fought for time, he said, adding that the AAP should “hold it in hand”.

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