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Riots in delhi now today : Violence in the north-east of Delhi Live updates: Business set on fire in Gokalpuri market; The death toll rises to 18

Violence and riots in Delhi northeast : Delhi police have arrested Over 20 people and one person Shahrukh. He fired a few shots into the air after firing a gun at a policeman. Police arrested him. The police fired tear gas cartridges to disperse the rioters. Armed with stones, poles and even swords and many are wearing helmets to protect themselves. Paramilitary personnel are inadequate in some areas.

Violent clashes between municipalities in north-east Delhi due to the amended Citizenship Act. The death toll rose to 18. The Delhi police tried to control the rioters who ran amok, burned and looted shops, thrown stones and beat people. In areas such as Chand Bagh, Bhajanpura, Gokulpuri, Maujpur, Kardampuri and Jaffrabad, tensions between members of two groups occurred overnight. This also hurled gasoline bombs and opened fire.

In a nocturnal development, NSA Ajit Doval visited the Seelampur area and took stock of the situation. According to the hospital authorities, more than 200 people, including 48 police officers, have met injuries. Half of the civilians have sustained gunshot wounds, the hospital authorities said right now.

The NSA has made it clear that lawlessness cannot remain in the state capital and that an adequate number of police and they have deployed paramilitary forces. Police have a free hand to control the situation, government sources say. The NSA Ajit Doval will commission to control the violence in Delhi. He will inform the Prime Minister and the cabinet about the situation. Delhi riots latest news are coming in.

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