Gold price today : Breaking news: Gold prices prices at all time high levels.

Gold price today : Gold prices are at a record-breaking high level. All at once the prices are at the all-time high. The price of gold per 24 carat rose to Rs 44,380. 4000 rupees in just 20 days.

Gold prices are a record-breaking. All at once the highs of the all-time high. The price of gold per 24 carat rose to Rs 44,380. Surprisingly, the price has gone up by over Rs 4000 in just 20 days. Market analysts say it could reach Rs50,000 in the first week of next month. Want to know gold price today on this blog.

The following are the reasons why gold prices will rise: … As interest rates decrease, gold rates increase as the opportunity cost of maintaining gold is lower compared to other investments. When there is a large money supply, that is, when central banks encourage more money, interest rates fall.

Now that it’s the wedding season .. At what ever Gold prices are so high even then consumers are ready to buy. The demand for the gold has increased. With a difference of seven hundred rupees nearing 45 thousand rupees approached. The price of 22 carat gold is around Rs 40,740. Gold lovers and accumulators are thinking ok next week or next month the prices may come down. At the end they have only disappointment with them as there is no down trend in demand or price. Any where at any instance.

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