Coronavirus-Telangana CMO ordered to close Movie theaters and schools till 31st March

Chief Minister KCR announced that all educational institutions in Telangana will be closed till 31st March due to corona virus. CM warned that if anyone violates the regulations, strict action will be taken. Supermarkets and malls will be kept open for the benefit of the people in hyderabad.

Marriages have already been decided, and the wedding pavilions will only be open till 31st, after which it will not be allowed in hyderabad.

Fresh COVID-19 case in Telangana, number goes up to two.

A person who has travel history of Italy tested positive on Saturday. Currently patient admitted in Gandhi hospital for treatment. The sample of two others who closely contacted with coronavirus effected patient also suspected of Covid-19, awaiting for final reports said CM K.Chandra Sekhar Rao.

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