Coronavirus cases | Summer season ahead. | New budget water ionizer launch in India.

Budget water ionizer launch in Hyderabad city. To begin with, people have started searching about coronavirus cases in India. Till now we have confirm 5 positive cases. 3 cases were medical students in Kerala state. Earlier, off a sudden the news of two more positive cases broke out. Out of them one is in coronavirus case in Telangana and another in Delhi. This bad news shook the Indian public.

They have started searching about what is coronavirus and symptoms of the virus and preventive measures. This is according to research undergone in China. Mostly aged people who have suffered with long term health disorders have suffered with this virus. Scientists have already declared lack of Immunity power is making them prey to this deadly virus.

How to improve your Immunity power ? How to resist any viral attack ?

The only way to improve our body immune system is to adopt a allround healthy lifestyle. Consume good quantities of healthy oxygen with a morning walk around green trees. Take antioxidant food in more quantity like healthy alkaline fruits and green vegetables. Broccoli, blue berry, carrot, apple and oranges etc are good source of natural antioxidants.

Another new simple new way to improve natural immunity power is drinking healthy drinking water. Healthy drinking water does not mean most safe or clean water. Healthy drinking water means ionized alkaline water that is antioxidant, anti ageing. Anti inflammatory also. It is super hydrating and best detoxifying.

How can we souce best fresh Ionized alkaline water ? what kind of health benefits we can get with ?

The only source of ionized alkaline water fresh is to take it from an Alkaline water ionizer. A water ionizer is a useful kitchen device appliance that fits to your drinking water tap. It converts your only safe drinking water into healthy ionized alkaline water. There are countless health benefits with this water. How ever, any health disorder stars with cell damage by oxidation stress and free radicals. Oxidation of cells is a regular process of metabolism inside human beings healthy or unhealthy. However, in a healthy person it is under check, in an unhealthy person it is severe.

Ionized alkaline water is rich in molecular hydrogen or active hydrogen. Normal hydrogen transforms into free radical scavenger in the process of water electrolysis. A water ionizer performs electrolysis with its electrodes.

Popular alkaline water ionizer brands in the world and in models in India.

There are two popular brands worldwide. Enagic kangen water machine from Japan and Tyent alkaline water ionizer from south korea. People have been buying these water ionizers in India for 4 years. But sales have kick started and reached all corners in the last year. Kangen water Leveluk Jr II with 3 electrodes at 1.55 lakh is selling good now. Kangen water leveluk Sd 501 model at 2.77 has better performance. This is flagship model for enagic in the world but not in India.

Kangen water machine Jr II to face competition with Launch of Tyent 5 plates water ionizer around 1.25 lakh.

Most of general public do not understand the performance criteria between two models. Most of buyers ealrier have looked mostly at pricing factor only. With Jr II you can buy at a reasonably cheap price of 1.55 lakh. But we can not get the best performance and high concentration of active hydrogen at drinking levels. Next, you can get great performance with Leveluk sd501 at 2.77 lakh. But this product is not in reach of common man in India.

In conclusion, balancing both price and performance Medilight healthcare pvt ltd has come up with a new launch. This traditional marketing firm has been selling quality water ionizers through out India with best after sales local service support for 4 years.

Now, Medilight healthcare is going to launch its first 5 plates water ionizer with very good performance in India. The launch should be around a price of one lakh twenty five thousand only. Tyent water ionizer 5 plates NMMP model around 1.25 lakh. This launch offer for now valid only on advance booking only in Telangana state. Two cities Vijayawada and Vishakapatnam in Andhra pradesh. It is valid only in Bangalore city in Karnataka.

Medilight healthcare wants to deliver high perfomance product. Less expensive price with quality after sales support.

When interacted with Mr Kandula Srinivas told us exclusive. Medilight healthcare has been doing well in premium segment of 7 electrodes at 1.80 lakh and other high end models. Now Company wants to capture the low price variation segment also. He clarified that this budget water ionizer model Tyent NMMP 5 plates at 1.25 lakh will outperform Kangen water Jr II 3 plates ionizer at 1.55 lakh in many criteria.

Mr Srinivas told people who purchased water ionizers with the other brand suffered with lack of after sales service support. Referral marketing model does not suit to India. Product cost includes the commission to 30 dealers in the chain with every sale.

Medilight healthcare Hyderabad, deals only in traditional marketing imports directly from Tae Young Engineering and Technology in South Korea. For most important part to note, Tyent budget water ionizer is also built on electrodes from Permulec Electrodes, Japan.

They are selling directly to end Inquirers where they have good hold in market. This is with out involvement of middle men and chain systems. He further clarified, the New Tyent NMMP water ionizer comes with a one year complete warranty on machine. How ever, they offer 15 years warranty on their electrodes(plates) or chamber inside the ionizer. Electrodes commonly referred as plates in this context are most expensive and key component inside a water ionizer.

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