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Hit movie review : From time to time directors claim that their films (thrillers) will attract everyone’s attention from start to finish. Rarely does a film do the trick. While some films come close to this brand, many films fail to tick what they intended. It’s hard to believe here that HIT is director Sailesh Kolanu’s debut film. The director hit the bull’s eye with HIT. Almost! In the question is HIT movie hit or flop answer is hit.

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Vikram (Vishwak Sen) is an effective and intelligent investigator who has to deal with post-traumatic stress. He gets panic attacks when he is reminded of his past. He is particularly interested in a case in which an 18-year-old Preethi is kidnapped, and this triggers memories of his past.

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HIT (Homicide Intervention Team) is a perfect example of when a brilliant script meets the best actors and technicians. The film holds you by the shoulder from the start and attracts your attention. The film does not waste time establishing characters. It goes straight into history. And the tension in the search for Preethi’s whereabouts makes the audience just as curious about the case. This is Hit movie review.

HIT by director Sailesh Kolanu works well with the audience, mainly due to its attention to detail and ingenuity. The film does not disguise itself as an investigative thriller and gives the viewer an overview of a case. You will learn how to do a polygraph and anesthetic tests. The film gives you a detailed account of an investigation and pulls you in.

The filmmaker should also be valued for showing his hero Vishwak Sen as a human. He’s not the usual “hero” who does everything right as soon as he jumps in the suitcase. Vikram fights personally here and is also in a helpless position if the information is not specific. And the use of fire to describe Vikram’s emotions gives this well-executed film a brilliant note.

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Vishwak Sens’s measured representation of Vikram is the soul of HIT. He is completely in his element and does not show his feelings in an instant. And that’s exactly what you expect from a police officer. Ruhani Sharma made her debut with Chi La Sow. In HIT, it has a limited screen presence, but makes the most of it.

HIT is one of the few films that let you guess to the end. The only downside to the film is its climax. Although the story perfectly connects all the points, it is still overwhelming when the big revelation takes place. This is the only capercaillie in an otherwise perfect film.

From the grim colors used in the frames of the entire film to the almost perfect art direction, HIT does everything right. The work of editor Garry BH is flawless. It keeps the film at the right pace. Vivek Sagar’s background score is exactly what the film needed.

HIT by director Sailesh Kolanu is a brilliant investigative thriller that will blow your mind from the start. you can read about hit movie trailer on the same blog.

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