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To begin with, Anushka Shetty recently celebrated 15 years in the film industry with her friends and colleagues and wished her this great achievement. Anushka is awaiting the release of her multilingual film Nishabdham. This is judged by Hemant Madhukar. A few months ago, the film’s producer Kona Venkat announced that the film would hit theaters, but he also said the team might consider an OTT release depending on the delay in the theaters opening. The producer conducted a survey on social media and asked people where they would like to see Nishabdham, if they would have to wait until January for the theaters to open. This article is about nishabdam online streaming partner amazon prime ott.

Kona Venkat’s survey results on social media support an OTT publication. In the poll, 56 percent of fans voted for an OTT release and 29 percent for a theatrical release. Kona Venkat responded to the results, which indicated an OTT publication. He wrote: “We appreciate your feedback. We will do our best to please everyone and your cooperation is very valuable to our team. Folded hands (sic)” After this the producer has fixed nishabdam online streaming partner.


Nishabdam ott release date

Madhavan plays the main role in the film. Shalini Pandey, Anjali and Subbaraju play an important role in the film. The film takes place against the backdrop of Seattle. Anushka plays an artist in the film. Madhavan plays a musician. Madhavan is part of Rocketry: The Nambi Effect. The actor is the director of the film and is based on the life of the scientist Nambi Narayanan.

Sweety Anushka upcoming movie release date

Finally, Amazon Prime Video announced on Friday the direct digital premiere of the highly anticipated title Nishabdham / Nishabdam in Telugu, Tamil and Malayalam on October 2nd, 2020. In conclusion this movie is going to be a feast for sweety fans. All the best to full team. And fans also get ready for the thriller.

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