Paani poori seller in Krishna lanka vijayawada tested positive.

To begin with, There is a breaking news just now on NTV telugu news channel. The news says A Paani poori seller or business person from krishna lanka Vijayawada has tested postive for Corona virus. Name they have not disclosed on TV.

The news says this business man recently visited makka. He returned back. The paani poori seller has shown some coronavirus symptoms. He sells paani poori through 14 small vehicles and workers. we call it Thopudu bandi. He hires these vehicles. They sell paani poori in various locations of Krishna lanka and also Vijayawada. After official confirmation health dept has confirmed this case as positive. They have warned every body in vijayawada seriously.

Now the district authorities have identified all his other 7 family members. also identified other 14 members who hire vehicles from him. Health department is intense testing. We have to wait for the reports of other members also.

Let us hope that none other than is person is sick. He has not transmitted to his family friends and workers.

Coronavirus news Vijayawada today

In conclusion, Total Vijayawada krishna lanka is in bandh and strictly closed today. This is vijayawada city corona virus news today. Can call Krishnalanka also.

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