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How to wear a fabric face mask covering

To begin with about face mask in hyderabad, Side view of a person wearing a fabric face cover, hiding their mouth and nose areas and a string behind the visible ear to hold the cover in place. The top of the cover is just under the eyes and the bottom extends down to cover the chin. The visible side of the cover extends over approximately half of the individual’s cheek.

Face mask in hyderabad
cotton cloth face mask sale in hyderabad

Now, Medilight Pvt Ltd launched the Healthy 100% cotton mask. It’s light weight, you don’t get the feel of discomfort. It’s washable and Reusable. Protect you from aerosols, pollution, dust etc, can stop virus spread as advised by CDC USA. Suitable to all ages. For kids we have separate sizes too. Made in India.

Fit snugly but comfortably on the side of the face
secured with ties or ear loops
include several layers of fabric
let it breathe freely
can be washed and dried by machine without damage or change in shape

Face mask in Hyderabad wholesaler

Telangana govt and other state governments have made usage of face mask in hyderabad for people to roam in public places. We can use home made cotton cloth masks to protect us from Covid 19 corona virus to some extent. Coming out with out a face mask in hyderabad is a offence. Fight coronavirus with budget water ionizer now.

CDC on homemade fabric face masks

Center for Disease Control recommends wearing fabric face coverings in public environments where other social distance measures are difficult to maintain (e.g. grocery stores and pharmacies), particularly in areas with significant community-level transmission.

It also recommends using simple fabric face covers to slow the spread of the virus and help people who may have and are unfamiliar with the virus pass it on to others. As an additional, voluntary public health measure, fabric covers can be used that are made from household items or made from common materials at home at low cost.

For young children under the age of 2, people who have difficulty breathing or who are unconscious, unable to act, or otherwise unable to remove the mask without help, fabric face covers should not be attached.

The recommended fabric face covers are not surgical masks or N-95 respirators. These are important consumables that must continue to be reserved for healthcare workers and other medical first responders. Normal people do not need N-95 as recommended in the current CDC guidelines.

Frontal view of a person wearing a fabric face covering. The person points with two fingers on either side of the top of the nose, indicating that the cover fits well in that area.

Should we wash fabric covers regularly or otherwise clean them? How regularly?

Yes. They should be washed routinely depending on how often they are used.

How do you sterilize / clean a fabric face cover safely?

A washing machine should be enough to wash a face covering properly.

How do you safely remove a used fabric cover?

In Conclusion, people should be careful not to touch their eyes, nose and mouth when removing their face covering. Wash their hands immediately after removal.

face mask in hyderabad
Face mask wholesaler in hyderabad

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