Massive Unhappiness at Trump’s Upcoming UK Visit

President of the United States Donald Trump will visit the UK on July 13, 2018, but will be doing so as one of the more unpopular political leaders from around the world to do so. In fact, he was first invited on a full state visit of the United Kingdom by Prime Minister Theresa May, when she visited the White House in January 2017, as the first foreign dignitary to do so after his victory. However, since President Trump’s visit has been planned, there has been major outcry in the UK about his visit, with several people saying that he should not be allowed to do so. In fact, following his invitation to visit the UK, a petition to seek the prevention of President Trump to be able to do so was signed by over 1.8 million people. Te pretext of the petition was that it would be an embarrassment to the Queen.


However, there are those who feel that the visit should be allowed to go ahead. The reasons cited include the fact that the Queen herself has met world leaders with far worse track records than President Trump. Also, the overarching sentiment is to pay attention to the overall relationship that the UK maintains with its closest ally, and to not get lost on the individual representing the US, at the moment, according to experts. President Trump will be the 12th US President to visit the UK and meet with Queen Elizabeth in her 66-year reign.

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