Telangana cabinet meet on Coronavirus prevention steps over. Key points.

CM Kcr pressmeet updates : To begin with, Telangana Cabinet meeting is over. The cabinet has discussed the steps put in force to prevent coronavirus spread. Cabinet under the leadership of CM KCR has taken several key decisions. CM KCR said to media in this regard.

CM Kcr pressmeet updates are here.

Telangana does not have terrible conditions of Corona virus cases. So, there is no need for people to panic over Corona. Next, it is not a disease born in our country. Earlier, the case undergoing treatment has completely recovered. An old man from Bengaluru has passed away. He was confirmed positive after he passed away. Those who are now receiving treatment only have corona symptoms. Prevention is better than cure.

Updates of Coronavirus.

Take precautions. Telangana govt has sanctioned Rs 500 crore package to corona control. We have Preparation to face any situation on corona virus. Tll now, there are 83 coronavirus positive cases in the country. All of them are from abroad.

This virus can spread from one person to many. So, about 200 officers are screening at the airport. We have installed 1,020 beds across the state.
We have 240 ventilators ready. There is little chance of spreading the virus in rural areas. No permission to big marriage halls till March 31. Until March 31, only 200 guests were allowed to get into marriage celebrations.

Coronavirus latest updates Cinema halls, schools, malls closed in Telangana.

Houses, seminars and exhibitions are not allowed. Close all Cinema halls, pubs, clubs, bars, educational institutions. Open educational institutions can have serious consequences. The govt has cancelled all types of sports events. How ever, RTC buses and metro trains operate as usual regularly. Malls and supermarkets are not closing to avoid a shortage of goods.

The government is vigilant on Corona. In conclusion, we are going to take stern action on those who create rumors on social media. Earlier news about coronavirus positive cases in Telangana state.

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