Panga movie review: A panga that is worth taking. Kangana Ranaut movie

Panga movie review: A panga that is worth it. That Jaya Nigam, played with absolute conviction by Kangana Ranuat, dares to dream of an earlier life in which she was in the spotlight is a direct win on the subject.

Panga film review and ratings

Actors of the Panga film: Kangana Ranaut, Jassie Gill, Yagya Bhasin, Richa Chadha and Neena Gupta
Panga director: Ashwiny Iyer Tiwari
film rating: 3 stars
Panga Movie review.

Women trying to get back to work after becoming women and mothers are an issue that Bollywood has not investigated. Panga’s protagonist is a former Kabaddi player, whose life is characterized by the boredom of everyday domesticity and work. That Jaya Nigam, played with absolute conviction by Kangana Ranuat, dares to dream of an earlier life in which she was in the spotlight is a direct win on the subject.

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But how difficult it is for a Bollywood mainstream film to focus on a woman like Jaya is shown in the long structure in which she can tell her husband: When I think of you, I feel happy. When I think of Adi (her son) I feel happy. But when I think of myself, I’m not so happy. Or words for that purpose.

At this point, we are fully prepared to support Jaya, because we have seen how she did the stuff for the middle class, like working mothers every day of their lives: getting up early, packing the Tiffins, the child to school send, do something Sure that the house runs smoothly and goes to the office just to deal with an annoying boss. Well, let’s say she did it all with a smile, now she can go and do her thing if she wants to. And we only say that because the push-and-shove comes from the son (Bhasin) and from the husband (Gill).

Phew. What if Jaya’s bosom friend and Kabaddi buddy Meenu (Chadha), who is still married to the sport so that she doesn’t have time for a real Shaadi to be the heroine? And who flopped for Ghar and Grihasti Jaya was the one in a support role? What if Jaya had left her family because she hadn’t found enough fulfillment and happily went her way? No, we are still far from such films.

Until then, we will be satisfied with panga, which gives us a number of wonderful women who have the conversation. Ranaut has the courage to make sober faces without pancakes: your sure-footedness on and off the mat is just right. Chadha, armed with a bouncy ponytail and lively feedback, is as much fun as Neena Gupta’s mother. The two current Kabaddi players with whom Jaya spends time in the second half leave both traces. And it’s nice that Jaya is working hard for her triumph. The win is even sweeter then.

Panga movie running analysis

My interest waned a little after the break when the film repeats itself and becomes flat, and Chadha is used to explain a scene that has just been created or is about to come, like an old-fashioned “Sutradhar”. But Gill, as a supportive husband who learns to function without his loving wife, is solid and keeps us going. Just like Tailang in a short official role of the Kabaddi. The young Bhasin as Adi is a charmer, but he has too much time to talk, and the dialogues he speaks sometimes sound as if they were just for laughing.

I take this if it is a film that celebrates a woman trying to win back her dream, even if it is approved by the family. The film comes to life when Jaya raises his fist and pats his thigh: it’s worth taking a panga. Thank you for reading panga film review and ratings

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