Sana Khan Interview : says Melvin Louis, ‘He’s A Compulsive Cheater’

Sana Khan “Dealing With Depression” After Melvin Louis Separation Says “He’s a Compulsive Deceiver”. sana khan interview

Bombay Times interview recently.

In an interview , Sana Khan said: “I developed anxiety problems and have been dealing with depression since then.”

New Delhi: Actress Sana Khan, who shared the words “cheated, broken and beautiful” on her Instagram some time ago. She has sparked speculation about difficulties in her love life. In a long Instagram post, the actress revealed that she broke up with choreographer Melvin Louis. She was claiming “he’s a compulsive cheater”. Sana Khan has also shared screenshots of her interview with the Bombay Times about depression since she left Melvin. “I’ve had anxiety problems and I’ve been dealing with depression since then,” the article said. Sana started her Instagram post by writing. “This is my first and it took a lot of courage to come out and tell the truth. Because there were so many people who believed in this relationship and showed so much love and respect, but unfortunately I didn’t get where I should have come from. ” sana khan interview

“This man is filth and he is disgusting, unfortunately it took me a year to find out because I believed in him blindly. I took a stand for myself, because if I don’t want to, nobody will. He is a compulsive cheater and compulsive liar and that is his normal thing he has to do with everyone because of his fame and popularity, “she added in her post. Sana also said that she is ready for “made-up” pages of the story. She added that her version is the “original content”. “This is the original content without production, but be ready for the covers.” Read her full post here:

Sana Khan instagram post.

Sana, who told the Bombay Times that she had become suspicious sometime in September last year. She also added in the interview that she has been feeling lazy lately. “A few days ago I felt like he was up to something. There I had my doubts, I took his cell phone, which he snatched from me, and started deleting messages, then I realized that everything I heard about him was true, and I ended the relationship. In fact, I did find out that he has already moved I know who the girl is, but it is wrong on my part to reveal her name. “

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