What is Until Tomorrow meaning Instagram caption. Challenge updates

If, like 20 percent of the world’s population, you’re under lock restrictions, you’ve probably spent a lot of time on Instagram. In addition, you are likely to have been faced with a series of flattering photos that were filtered by your feed “Tomorrow”. If you don’t, you can count yourself lucky. Until tomorrow is the latest Instagram challenge that seems to be spreading like wildfire. It’s also one of the most boring, but I think without the pretty backgrounds and beach shots, it’s hard to keep things interesting.

So what’s up tomorrow?

The Instagram Challenge see you tomorrow
Just like the BottleCapChallenge and WhatTheFluffChallenge before, #UntilTomorrow uses our boredom when we all try to pass the time. However, this focuses less on skill or entertainment. Until tomorrow, challengers will post embarrassing, flattering, or funny photos. They post themselves on their primary accounts for 24 hours before removing them.

Here’s how it works:

Post a photo or a series of photos that match the challenge with the heading “see you tomorrow” or the hashtag #UntilTomorrow.
Leave the photo in your main account for 24 hours.
Take it down, but make a note of everyone who liked the post and send them a direct message with the same challenge.
That’s it. No cool spins or talented dance moves. Only you are at home and publish your worst photos in the ether of the World Wide Web. No wonder it’s a hit. Understandably, not everyone is a fan of the See Tomorrow trend, but for the most part it’s more confusing than criticism.

While the # UnTilTomorrow trend is one we can’t really leave behind, it has definitely spurred some absolute gems. Not that we can share them with you, because they will be gone in a few hours. Instead, we stand up for the #uNtiltOmoRroW challenge, a backlash that triggers the tingling Gen Z train.

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