Actress Rambha blessed with a baby boy

Actress Rambha has given birth to her third child ‘a baby boy’. Her husband Indrakumar Pathmanathan who is a Canadian businessman was elated with the great news and shared it on social media yesterday. “We are blessed with a baby boy. Born September 23rd at Mount Sinai Hospital, Toronto. Mother and Baby are fine. Regards, Inthiran. #rambha #rambhababy #babyboy #happyparents’’, he said in a statement. Rambha is married to Indrakumar Pathmanathan in 2010. The couple also has two daughters named Lavanya Pathmanathan and Pathmanathan Sambha. A couple of months back, Rambha shared a photo flaunting her baby bump on Instagram with her husband. She wrote, “Happy 9th-month pic(couldn’t wait any more) getting exhausted n tired.. wanna carry our bundle of joy in our arms.

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