which is the best youtube channel for class 10th | Top 5 to follow

For many CBSE Class 10 students, preparing for the math exam can be challenging. We will cover some best youtube channel beneficial to class 10th students in this post.

Best youtube channel for class 10th
Best Youtube channels to follow for class 10th CBSE Maths

Math is considered one of the most difficult subjects, but it’s also a scoring one. However, students can use YouTube channels that have tips and video lectures to properly prepare for the math exam.

Some 5 YouTube channels for the grade 10 maths exam.

Channel 1: ExamFear Education offers dozen of video lessons on math

With over 6.5 lakh subscribers, ExamFear Education is one of the most popular YouTube channels for CBSE grades 6-12 for all subjects.

The channel, operated by the free online education platform ExamFear Education, features over 200 videos on grade 10 math.

It offers chapter-by-chapter video tutorials that explain all of the concepts and tricks for in-depth learning so students can prepare well for the exam.

Channel 2: Dronstudy.com is one of the most popular YouTube channels

Dronstudy.com with more than 6 Lakh subscribers is a YouTube channel of the online education company Dronstudy. It’s one of the best channels for learning grade X math.

Using technology and various teaching methods, all concepts are explained in detail in video lectures.

It focuses on making learning easier, more fun, and helping students properly prepare for the exam.

10th class maths youtube channel

Channel 3: Bodhaguru is another popular channel for math

Bodhaguru is another good YouTube channel for math and science through grade 10 with more than 5 lakh subscribers.

The channel has over 100 interesting video lectures on almost any topic, with examples and simple explanations to provide students with a better learning experience.

Bodhaguru also has a good collection of math videos in both English and Hindi.

Channel 4: This YouTube channel has hundreds of detailed video presentations

Math Class X, with over 2.5 lakh subscribers, is one of the best YouTube channels to prepare for the CBSE Class 10 Math Board exam.

It has a good collection of hundreds of detailed video lectures on all the subjects you need.

The channel has up to 26 playlists that cover all topics that are useful for in-depth learning concepts.

Fact: Channel 5: Ganit Guru also has videos in English, Hindi

Ganit Guru, with over 33,000 subscribers, is a math YouTube channel and a great option for grade 10 students. The themed video lectures make it easy for students to understand and learn math concepts. The channel also offers videos in English and Hindi.

Hope this article about different youtube channel for class 10th was very much purposeful.

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