Kakinada Gottam Kaja looking for Global Recognition

Several delicacies from the state of Andhra Pradesh now seek international prominence and recognition on the global stage. Prior to its separation from Telengana State, Andhra Pradesh was home to Hyderabadi Biryani. However, even after separation, there is no dearth of tasty foods and other delicious treats that the state is famous for. Even the biryani in the state is seeing a change of preparation style, with many restaurants replacing the Dum Biryani of Hyderabadi fame with the currently much preferred Ulavacharu Biryani. This new style of biryani is gaining in popularity, and the purveyors of its artistic blend of flavours say that it is down to the tangy gravy used as marination that helps create a spot-on dish such as this.


When it comes to sweets, the Kakinada Gottam Kaja is an all-time favourite in Andhra Pradesh. Along with Pootharekulu, another well-known sweet that is seeking to attain a Geographical Indication tag to assert itself as some of the state’s long-standing creations that the world has enjoyed. This kind of tag is a form of intellectual property, and by getting the tag, the items in question gain the intellectual property rights that proclaim this as being originally from the place of its origin, and that no other item similar to this can lay a similar claim to its origins from anywhere else in the world. The kakinada gottam kaja sweet is made from wheat flour, and is a delicate arrangement of several loops of pastry that is somewhat dry on the outside, but oozes with sugary deliciousness on the inside.

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