Punjab CM Claims Pakistan, China Have Drug Addiction Strategy to Destroy Indian Army

plan of action with reference to the epidemic of drug addiction that was taking place in his state. His comments about this conspiracy by India’s neighbors were made while speaking at the Hindustan Times Leadership Summit 2018 in New Delhi, earlier today.


Speaking about recent seizures of heroin in his state, amounting to more than 500 kilos over the past year, Singh said, “What is the intention of Pakistan? Three weeks ago, 300 kg came to Mandvi port. If you want to sell it, then sell it in Mumbai or Delhi. It is more lucrative. Why is Amritsar your target?” He also made a connection between the potential impact of drugs on the armed forces, saying, “Two-thirds of regiments in the Indian Army are from the northern belt. If you do not have healthy youngsters there, how will Indian Army hire the men? Pakistan and China are looking at the long-term strategy to destroy Indian military system.”


It was the Chief Minister’s assertion that Pakistan in particular was hoping to ply the bordering Indian states of Kashmir, Punjab, Rajasthan and Gujarat with drugs, as a means of lessening the scrutiny that Indian Army regiments in these states maintain on them. He finally added that Punjab had been cracking down hard on drugs coming into the state by means of a special task force, and that the results of these crackdowns were most positive.

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