Pandit, Misquitta to Resume Circumnavigation of Globe; Attempting to be First Indian Women to Achieve Feat

With Phase 1 of their daring attempt behind them, the pilot duo of Aarohi Pandit and Keithair Misquitta will be looking forward to setting off on the next leg of their attempt to circumnavigate the globe in their light sports aircraft (LSA) that they lovingly refer to as Mahi. Mahi is a single-engine plane that weighs less than 500 kilos and seats two, and it cannot fly for durations of longer than 4 hours at a time requiring this daring duo to break their journey rather frequently as they attempt to circle the Earth by air. Their original challenge was to do so in 90 days, and so far, they are very much on course.


Describing their experience so far, the 24-year-old Misquitta said, “It was incredible. We had a chance to fly to places no one has ever been to, met so many kind and wonderful people. The journey wasn’t always easy, but we had the experience of a lifetime. The most important lessons were to keep going, and wait for your turn. The weather may not always be supportive, but if you are patient enough you will find a way out.” Speaking of challenges caused by the weather, she said, “We had to be extra prepared since this was the first time either of us had flown like this. We spoke to other pilots at airports, looked through various apps to anticipate the terrain and weather, and did as much studying and research as we could rather than be at the mercy of the forecasts which can change really fast.”

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