Only Evidence Matters, Not Emotions

Pawan Kalyan posting an old video on Twitter of an employee of TV9 falling on Ravi Prakash’s feet, is amusing to say the least.

Probably, it was Pawan Kalyan’s intention to show the feudal side of Ravi Prakash but this is really old news and has nothing to do with the complaint Pawan has against the yellow media, now.

If Pawan really wants to fight the yellow media, he has to produce solid evidence against these media houses and its founders, the way Sakshi did.

In 2011, Sakshi carried an entire page on TV9, Srini Raju and their entire history. The entire article was substantiated with facts backed by evidence.

TV9 of course carried out a similar programme against Sakshi. But the point is that it is evidence that eventually counts.

Similarly, Pawan should gather data that can be used legally. Otherwise, he doesn’t stand a whiff of a chance against these media houses.

On the contrary, by posting such kinds of tweets regularly, Pawan Kalyan is just turning into an object of ridicule.

Clearly, the nature of his tweets indicates that whoever is handling his twitter account is doing a pretty lousy job.

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