Kumkum bhagya natak on zeetv 14th January 2020 preview.

kumkum bhagya natak on zeetv 14th january 2020 preview

Kumkum bhagya dharvahik next episode preview.

Kumkum Bhagya natak on zeetv 14th January 2020 Preview: Abhi finds out that Pragya is Prachi’s mother
In the previous episode, Abhi hired a detective to track down Sanju. Rhea joins him and tries to stop him from getting to Sanju. In the process of catchig saju Rhea wants to help Abhi. Abhi takes the help of a high-ranking investigator who is his friend. He asks him to find Sanju’s phone. Abhi finds Sanju and stops him. He thrashes him to tell the truth, but Sanju doesn’t reveal anything. During the fight, Rhea Abhis takes car keys and throws them aside. When Abhi searches for his keys, Sanju escapes. Previous episode preview( 13th jan 2020 preview)

In the next episode of kumkum bhagya natak on zeetv, Ranbir and Prachi search for Sanju together with Abhi. As they walk back to their cars, Abhi finds Prachi’s mother in the car

Kumkum bhagya tonight episode preview.

In today’s episode of Kumkum Bhagya, Ranbir returns home and his mother locks him in his room. Ranbir is determined to find Sanju, so he jumps out of his window and drives off. Ranabir is going some where and he reveals only to Rhea. Abhi’s detective reveals him information. Both Sanju and Yuvi were part of the fake MMS plan.

Rhea overhears this conversation. She warns Sanju to get out of the city. Ranbir finds Yuvi and hits him to find out the truth. Yuvi reveals that he did the MMS with his girlfriend Roshni and Sanju paid them. Abhi tracks down Sanju and decides to take him to prison. Rhea comes up with a plan to help Sanju escape, but Abhi chases him.

In the next episode kumkum bhagya natak on zeetv, Prachi and Ranbir Abhi and Rhea join without Sanju. Prachi asks about her mother. Rhea says that Pragya’s leg was injured, so she put her back in the car. She also assumes that Pragya has to sleep inside. Prachi goes to Ranbir’s car and finds Pragya sleeping in the back seat. Abhi comes past the car and looks inside. Will he find Pragya and realize that Prachi is his daughter? Find out tomorrow.

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