Kumkum Bhagya 24 February 2020 Preview: Ranbir Confronts Maya In Her Room

In the next episode of kumkum bhagya 24 february 2020, Maya enters her room. Then of a sudden she feels shock to see that Ranbir is waiting for her. He tells Maya to confess the truth and other things she kept inside her as secret.

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In today’s episode of Kumkum Bhagya 24 february 2020, Prachi is about to fall into Rheas trap and suffer an electric shock. Pragya and Ranbir appear just in time to save Prachi. Pragya also notices someone else behind the curtain. Rhea realizes that her plan has failed and she escapes from the window before Pragya sees her. Abhi sings a song at the engagement and Pragya hears his voice. She tries to meet him, but he’s full of fans and can’t see her. Abhi takes a photo with Maya’s family and the politician family. Abhi notes that the chain he gave Rhea is now on Maya’s neck. Prachi wants to meet Maya and get her to tell the truth, but Ranbir wants to confess his feelings for her.

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In the next episode Maya enters her room and finds Ranbir waiting for her. She is surprised and tense to find him there. She asks him to leave her alone. Ranbir asks Maya to stop because he has figured out her entire plan. Prachi tells Rhea not to interfere in her relationship with Ranbir. Rhea says Prachi has no relationship with Ranbir and she will never have one. Will Prachi admit that she loves Ranbir? Find out in the next episode.

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