Kumkum Bhagya 25 January 2020 today Written update Aaj ka dharavahik

Kumkum Bhagya 25 January, 2020 Written update : Abhi and Purab are oppressing Sanju

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Starting at today around evening time, Abhi and Purab discover Sanju in the bistro and pursue him. Aliya and Rhea watch Abhi Sanju chase and get frightened.

In the past episode of Kumkum Bhagya, Vikram gets back and tells his significant other Pallavi how Prachi managed everybody in the workplace. Pallavi is cheerful when Ranbir found a decent companion in Prachi. They choose to go to Prachi’s home to express gratitude toward her and her mom. Rhea becomes desirous when she watches this and discloses to Aliya that she likewise needs to perceive what Ranbir’s folks are plotting to do. Purab calls Pragya and meets Abhi in a bistro. Ranbir calls Pragya and says he needs to go have espresso with her and Prachi. Pragya is worried that she may miss her date when Vikram calls and says he needs to meet her as well.

After today, Mira hears Abhi intending to meet his better half. She blows up and goes into her own contemplations. Mira slides on the stairs and damages her arm. Abhi attempts to support her and calls a specialist, however Mira says she is adversely affected by prescription. Abhi requests that her address Prachi’s mom as she is a specialist in home cures.

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Pragya converses with Mira and Abhi goes out on the town with Purab. Prachi and Ranbir run towards their home when a bicycle nearly hits Prachi. Ranbir pulls Prachi aside and she falls into his arms. Shahana watches them embrace. She understands that Ranbir is enamored with Prachi. When Ranbir goes into Prachi’s home, he understands that his folks have just shown up.

Pragya is worried that she is late for her date. Abhi and Purab are sitting in the bistro hanging tight for Prachi. Purab takes note of that Sanju hollers at a server in the bistro. Sanju sees Abhi and flees while Abhi pursues him. Aliya and Rhea are headed to Prachi and see Abhi pursuing Sanju. They take Sanju in their vehicle while Abhi Aliya sees Sanju drive away. Kumkum Bhagya 25 January

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Prachi and Ranbir are contending when he slips on a little puddle of water in the kitchen. Prachi trusts Ranbir is reprimanding her for his fall and gets into a little contention with him that makes everybody in the family snicker. Aliya leaves Sanju when she is sure that Abhi isn’t following her. Sanju discloses to them that he knows the motivation behind why they spared him. Will Aliya utilize Sanju’s assistance once more? Discover tomorrow.

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