Kumkum bhagya 25 January 2020, preview. Aaj ka zeetv dharavahik.

Kumkum Bhagya 25 January 2020 Preview: Abhi and Purab meet Sanju face to face. In the next episode, Abhi and Purab wait for Pragya when they notice that Sanju is also in the same café.

Kumkum bhagya kal ka natak written update.

In the previous episode, Ranbir Prachi tells that he wants to meet her mother and have coffee. Prachi calls Pragya and tells her that Ranbir will be visiting. Vikram also calls Pragya and tells her that he wants to visit her with his family. Pragya is concerned that she will miss her date with Abhi. Maya calls Rhea and asks double the money to fake her suicide.

Kumkum bhagya aaj ka natak preview

In kumkum bhagya today, Vikram returns home and tells his wife Pallavi how Prachi dealt with everyone in the office. Pallavi is happy that his son Ranbir has a friend as good as Prachi. They decide to go to Prachi to personally thank her and her mother. Rhea becomes jealous and tells Aliya that she also wants to see what Ranbir’s parents are really up to. Purab calls Pragya and meets Abhi in a cafe. Ranbir calls Pragya and says he wants to go have coffee with her and Prachi. Pragya is concerned that she may miss her date when Vikram calls and says he wants to meet her too. Yeh sab kumkum bhagya aaj ka natak hi. Kumkum bhagya 25 January zee anmol natak.

In the next episode, Ranbir and Prachi run towards their house when a bike runs towards them. Ranbir pulls them aside and Prachi falls into his arms. Ranbir and Prachi look each other in the eye as Shahana walks out and sees Ranbir hugging Prachi. Abhi and Purab are waiting in the coffee shop for Pragya to appear when they notice Sanju in the same coffee shop. Will Abhi Sanju hunt or wait for Pragya? Find out tomorrow. that is kumkum bhagya 25 jan 2020.

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