Poor Kids’ Higher Education Will be Government’s Burden

Speaking at a programme in Akola Village, Madhya Pradesh, Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan repeated his earlier promise that the state will sponsor the fees for higher education of those students and their families who did not have the means to do so. Stressing the need for education in general, and that it was essential for parents to look to education of their children as the precursor for change and prosperity in their lives, the Chief Minister met with the farmers of the village to assure them that their needs were a great part of his focus for positive change in the state.


Named the Mukhyamantri Jan-Kalyan (Sambal) yojana, it is a scheme whereby the State of Madhya Pradesh will fund the education of those poor families unable to do so for the duration of a child’s education, from the 1st grade until the stages of higher education. The Chief Minister urged people to make full use of this initiative, calling it the one way in which the growing gap between the rich and the poor would be bridged in the future, for the benefit of all the people.


The Sambal Yojana scheme will come into effect on the 13th of June, and is one of many initiatives and programs that the Chief Minister has initiated in an attempt to raise the standards of living all throughout Madhya Pradesh. He has repeatedly exhorted that this yojana is for the benefit of all, without any restrictions due to caste or creed, or even religion.

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