CBSE Proposes Future Verification Methodology to Fight Leaked Papers

The Central Bureau of Secondary Education (CBSE), has announced that a proper array of advanced technology will be used to investigate ongoing instances of leaked question papers, starting from the following year. No details have been provided about the advanced technology to be deployed, however. In spite of such reassurances, there remain several concerns about the CBSE papers leaked in March, 2018, which caused much public outrage, as well as great difficulties to students who were asked to rewrite the exam.


All CBSE officials were cleared of potential involvement in the leaks that happened in March, by the Union School Education Secretary, Anil Swarup. During a press conference soon after the leaks came to light, Mr. Swarup went so far as to answer a potential allegation being leveled at there being a possible leak from within the CBSE, reiterating that there was no such leak. He tried to reassure the public with his call to put in place more stringent measures to monitor for the leaking of question papers in future, calling for the use of new and improved technologies to make this sort of occurrence a thing of the past.


The CBSE has identified the leaks in March this year as being masterminded by tech-saavy individuals, with no mention being made about their potential motive in first leaking the question papers, and then bringing this leak to light so as to cause the panic and outcry that was witnessed earlier this year. In this regard, all eyes will be on the CBSE next year when these same exams come up.

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