Intra” DNS Manipulation Attack Prevention App Launched by Google on Play Store

Providing better security for internet browsing, Google Inc. has launched a new app called “Intra” to safeguard against DNS (Domain Name System) manipulation attacks. The app will also protect users from malware and phishing attacks. As reported by Android Headlines, “DNS manipulation attack is used to block access to news sites, social media platforms and messaging apps, says Jigsaw, and this new application is expected to prevent that.” Jigsaw is the cybersecurity unit of Google.


DNS is a means by which domain names are converted from their text-based form into Internet Protocol (IP) addresses that are a combination of four sets of numeric information separated by dots. Recognizing the IP address allows for the content of a website to be loaded onto a computer or handheld device once it has been confirmed. Phishing refers to the practice of getting users to divulge their personally identifiable information such as passwords, or credit card details, by sending unsolicited emails to users under false pretenses, encouraging them to reveal the same. Sometimes, phishing emails will have a link in them that they will ask the user to click, and doing so will usually result in malware being loaded on to the user’s device, causing malfunctions, or as is the case in most examples, to allow the party or parties behind the software to gain unauthorized access to the user’s device.


Google as said that Intra will not lead to any slowing down of the user’s internet connection, adding that even though the application is open source, any user information that it may be privy to during use will be kept private.

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