Apple Updates to Improve Performance on Older Models Also

Apple Inc. launched updates to its iOS software which the company says will also help speed up earlier models of the iPhone. This comes in light of the backlash the company faced at the end of 2017, when it revealed that updates to software on older iPhone models deliberately affected speed and batter performance, among other things. In a bid to hold on to a user base of approximately 1.3 billion users, Apple has launched its iOS 12 update with features that will show considerable improvements to performance on old iPhones, going back all the way to the iPhone 6.


Another feature of the new iOS update will be to allow parents control over the amount of time their children use these devices. This feature works well, not just for children, but for the adults as well, offering them better control to limit the time they spend on their iPhones or iPads. Additionally, parents will also be able to restrict the apps that their children are able to access, improving security and accessibility like never before.


Securing user data is another key feature of this latest software update from Apple, one that will be appreciated by existing and future users. With Social Media becoming an integral part of our lives, the Safari browser will stop websites that use social media “like” and “share” buttons from being able to track users and their browsing preferences. This comes in combination with earlier attempts at such user anonymity as to afford users not to be identified by trackers across websites, something the company said it had begun working on in 2017.

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