IMD Warns Cyclonic Storm to Hit Andhra, Odisha in 72 Hours

As extreme weather patterns continue to affect parts of the country, earlier today, the Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) issued a warning that a depression in the Bay of Bengal on Monday could intensify into a cyclonic storm by Wednesday, October 10, causing heavy rains in parts of coastal Andhra Pradesh and Odisha states. Mrutyunjay Mohapatra, Additional Director General of the IMD said, “The depression is likely to intensify into a cyclonic storm  in the next 72 hours and under its impact heavy rain will occur in most parts of Odisha while some pockets may have very heavy rain fall up to 20 cm in 24 hours during October 9 to 11. Very strong wind with speed up to 90 to 100 kmph likely to blow in coastal Odisha.”


As ocean conditions will be severe during the storm, fishermen have been asked to refrain from venturing out during this time period, with an additional warning to those that had ventured into deep sea areas to return by Monday night. The National Emergency Response Centre (NERC) has asked state governments to monitor this weather pattern closely, as well as to take the necessary action that will allow ensuring maximum safety to the people. The Odisha government has already issued an alert and canceled leaves of emergency personnel to make certain that there are relief personnel to be called on in case this becomes necessary.


A special IMD bulletin warned, “The well-marked low pressure area is likely to intensify further into a deep depression during next 24 hours and into a cyclonic storm during the subsequent 24 hours. It is very likely to move northwestwards towards Odisha and adjoining north Andhra Pradesh coast during next 72 hours.”

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