WhatsApp dark mode roled for Android beta version testers.

WhatsApp rolls out the dark mode for selected Android users

The beta version offers dark green speech bubbles on a dark blue background
WhatsApp has been advising to activate “dark mode” since 2018. The messaging app has finally introduced the feature for Android users, but with a tick.

Currently, Dark Mode is only available in the latest beta version of WhatsApp.

Dark mode makes an app easier on the eyes in low-light environments. It is also a battery saver.

Download the latest beta version of WhatsApp.

The news was first reported by WABetaInfo, a blog that tracks the latest developments in Facebook’s own messaging app. According to reports, it was the first time that the feature was discovered in WhatsApp’s latest beta app.

WhatsApp has introduced new features for users who have signed up for its beta testing program. Users test a version for bugs and customizability before making it available to other users.

Android users who are already registered for the program can simply update the app to the latest beta version 2.20.13. If you’re using the latest version and you still can’t see the feature, all you have to do is save your chat history, delete the app and reinstall it via Google Play or APK.

Become a tester.

If you’re an Android user who wants to sign up for the WhatsApp beta test program, go to the WhatsApp beta page from your Chrome, Firefox, or Opera browser, log in with your primary Google account, and click on the “Become A Tester” button. You can then access all beta versions of WhatsApp through the App Store.

If you are not part of the beta program and would still like to test the function, you can simply download the APK version of the WhatsApp beta app from the APKmirror website.

Activate dark mode.

As soon as you have installed WhatsApp Beta 2.20.13 on your phone, you can change the topic via the “Chat” option in the settings to “Dark mode”. Click on Display, go to Topic and turn on Dark Mode.

Android users with the latest operating system, Android 10, can also set dark mode as the default theme in their phone’s settings.

However, WhatsApp only activates dark colors under this theme and not the AMOLED blackout theme in other apps. It is used dark blue for the background and dark green for speech bubbles.

There were no updates from WhatsAppon when the feature was made available to mainstream users.

Facebook previously activated the theme for its messenger app and later introduced the feature for its photo sharing app Instagram in 2019

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