Gold Mine in Uttar Pradesh. 3650 metric tonnes of gold deposits in Sonbhadra district

Uttar Pradesh:The Geological Survey of India (GSI) has made a long search. In the Sonbhadra district, Sonpahadi has found 30,00,000 kg (3000 metric tonnes) of gold deposits … another 650,000 kg (650 metric tonnes) of Gold deposits in Hardi area. In addition to gold, steel, potassium and other precious deposits are also found in the district, GSI supremo Keke Roy said. State Mines Secretary Roshan Jacob said a seven-member committee has been appointed to geo-tag the area. Gold found in Up. By the by gold price today is trading at all time high levels.

They will submit a report on the 22nd of this month and then they will inform the central government regarding the deposits. After the process, the concerned district authorities said they would bid. GSI-green fields, which began searching for deposits in 2005, were initially discovered in 2012

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