Chandra Grahan 2020 Sutak Kaal: Know what happens in the Sutak period, when the lunar eclipse begins

Chandra Grahan 2020 Sutak Kaal: Lunar eclipse will occur on Pausha Purnima i.e. 10 January, Friday night. It will not be a partial or full lunar eclipse. This will be a precipitous lunar eclipse. This is called Madya lunar eclipse. It does not hide any part of the moon, the moon is visible in a beige color. The Sutak period starts a few hours before the eclipse. Let us know what is the Sutak period at the time of eclipse?


Some inauspicious times before solar eclipse and lunar eclipse are known as Sutak. According to religious beliefs, the earth’s environment is contaminated during sutak and extra precautions are taken to avoid its harmful side effects.

Sutak period:

In a solar eclipse, the sutak period takes 12 hours before the start of the eclipse, in the same way in a lunar eclipse, the sutak period takes 9 hours before the eclipse start. In such a situation, the lunar eclipse is starting at 10:39 in the night, so the sutak period should be started 9 hours earlier, ie from 01:00 to 39 minutes. There is a Sutak period till the lunar eclipse becomes salvation.

Let me tell you that this time there is a mad lunar eclipse, there is no religious belief of this lunar eclipse. In such a situation, there will be no sutak nor will there be a sutak period. Astrologers are of the opinion that there will be no thread in Madya lunar eclipse nor will the doors of temples be closed.

Eclipse salvation:

It is the time of eclipse, when the eclipse period ends and the sun or moon are freed from the eclipse. This is called salvation of eclipse. This time the salvation of the lunar eclipse will be at 1140 AM on Saturday, 11 January. Eclipse time is for a period of 04 hours 01 minutes.

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