US Position on North Korea Compromised?

As June 12th looms on the horizon, the entire world waits to see what the outcome of the meeting between US President Donald Trump, and North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un will be. And, as Trump makes his way to Singapore, the venue of this historic meet, there is a lot of activity behind the scenes in North Korea that seem to suggest that the country is gearing up for a new push towards economic development and prosperity. In fact, experts and political analysts feel that the manner in which Trump has handled things so far going into the dialogue, he has painted himself into a corner for options to once again maintain a hard-line stance against North Korea.


To this end, North Korean delegates have been visiting China to re-establish business ties that will see new investment in their country, while neighbouring South Korea too seems buoyed to welcome this far more hospitable relationship that they have with their neighbours to the north. While this may seem a bit premature, it goes to show the weakened position that Trump will be attempting to negotiate with Kim from. According to Joseph Yun, the former top negotiator with North Korea from the United States, “Practically it is not possible to continue maximum pressure when you’re talking with your adversary. I don’t think you can have serious engagement as well as maximum pressure.” Examples of maximum pressure tactics have been trade sanctions and embargoes levied against North Korea in the past, some being so serious as to threaten nations breaking the terms of these actions with the same kinds of actions if they were found to be assisting North Korea in any way.


According to Trump, he is a great deal maker and will know if he is being taken for a ride by Kim. Come the 12th of June 2018, the world will have clear evidence of the truth of this fact.

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