Shalini Reddy Biography Age Pictures : Hero Nithin fiancee is Andhra girl

Shalini Reddy Biography age pics profile: Actor Nithin fiancee is Andhra girl

Actor Nithin would be wife name is Shalini.

Hero Nithin on Tollywood’s Most Eligible Bachelor’s List is going to marry Shalini Reddy from Kandukuru. The two have been in love for the past few years. However, it has been reported that Nithin is getting married. Nithin has kept his love affair so secret.

Who is this Shalini and what is her background. What is background of Nitin’s wedding with Shalini? Many people are eager to know. But, knowing her is not so easy. Because she has no accounts on social media. She is a far cry from social media such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. That’s why we offer Shalini Reddy’s biography here. We are revealing these details based on the information we know.

Shalini’s birthplace is Kandukur in Kurnool district of Andhra Pradesh. Middle Class Family. Her parents were doctors. Father’s name is Santap Kumar and mother’s name is Nurjahan. This is a love marriage. Their second child was Shalini. The family came to Nagar Kurnool when she was a child. They have been operating a nursing home for over 20 years.

Shalini reddy age and date of birth.

Shalini was born on September 27, 1989. That is, she is now 30 years old. Shalini is about six years younger than Nitin. Nitin’s height is 5.7 feet while Shalini’s height is 5.4 feet. Shalini is known to be mad at dogs. Also, Samantha is her idol.

I don’t know how Nitin’s relationship with Shalini Reddy was formed but .. We have known each other for eight years. Both have been in love for four years. However, Nitin has kept this very secret. At least as secret as there were no gossips also !!

After the news that Nithiin was getting married, everything was planned for a matrimonial marriage. But Nitin has recently revealed that it is a Love and Arranged Marriage. On Saturday, Nithiin started the wedding ceremony with a yellow and saffron ceremony. Nitin-Shalini couple photos are currently going viral on social media. Nithin and shalini wedding list.

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