Sentosa Island, Singapore, is Venue for Trump-Kim Summit

Picturesque Sentosa Island will host the much awaited summit of talks between North Korean Leader, Kim Jong-Un, and the President of the United States, Donald Trump. Scheduled to take place on the 12th of June, amid speculations about where this historic meet would be held, the White House only yesterday revealed that the venue is to be Sentosa Island. Not everything leading up to this summit has been promising, however, and as the world looks on to see how an authoritarian regime gets along with the epitome of capitalism, many hope that what results will be a lasting solution for the region, and the whole world.


It was a little less than a month ago that the last major hurdle in the realization of this summit, North Korea threatening to pull out of talks, shook the foundations of the peace process between North and South Korea. The US agreed to play a key role in assisting both sides achieve peace, something that has not existed since the North and the South separated in August, 1945. South Korea has always had a strong military ally in the United States, which maintains military bases in the country and lends other expertise to the South Korean armed forces. However, the main focus of these talks, which should be the center of its attention and purpose, is to get North Korea to roll back and give up its nuclear and missiles programs. These are seen as threats to the region, especially by countries like Japan and South Korea. However, the North Korean stance is their need to maintain these defense programs to deter any potential aggression by a super power like the US.

Come June 12th, the world will witness a most historic event, to be sure. How it will be recorded in history remains to be seen.

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