New twist in Gajwel bank employee divya murder case. Latest telugu states news.

New twist in Gajwel divya murder case. She was a bank employee. Divya was married to Venkatesh three years ago at Arya Samaj. Venkatesh, who is believed to be a suspect, is on the runway, police said

A new twist has emerged in the Divya (25) case of a bank employee who was killed in Ghajwell town of Siddipet district.

Investigations revealed that she married Venkatesh. He was primary suspect in this case of murdering Divya. He married her less than three months ago. Family members say that Venkatesh, who followed Divya during her studies at OU, harassed her with a love name and married her in Arya Samaj. The marriage broke out between the two families because they belonged to different castes . This was the first few days of the Divanna Sirisilla district in Ellareddipettai.

who killed his wife for defamation and then got ready for competitive exams Divya got job at APGVB (Andhra Pradesh Rural Development Bank) bank branch six months ago. She currently resides in Gazewell for work. Venkatesh has been harassing Divya for coming with her for some time. Her family members lodged a complaint with the police. He wrote to the police that he could no longer chase Divya and gave it to the police.

After discovering that divya parents are engaging her to another man, Venkatesh has been harassing her for a few days. On Tuesday evening, she reportedly went to her rented room and brutally killed herself. As Venkatesh goud is currently in Parri, the police are waiting for him. This is an update about gajwel divya murder case.

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