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The government has allocated Rs 3,780 crore for restricting coronavirus in Tamilnadu and prevention. There are 10,158 beds and hospitals in readiness. Also, Chief Minister Edappadi Palanisamy has spoken about the order to increase the number of beds.

The Government of Tamil Nadu is taking stern action to prevent coronavirus. District boundaries are confined throughout Tamil Nadu. All measures are being taken to strictly adhere to the 21-day curfew so as not to make civilians. At the same time, there is a proper provision of essential items unhindered.

Cheif minister of Tamilnadu Edappadi K. Palaniswami about Coronavirus in Tamilnadu

The Chief Minister has written a letter to the Prime Minister asking for Rs 4,000 crore for the prevention of corona in Tamil Nadu. Chief Minister Edappadi Palanisamy spoke to the people of Tamil Nadu.

The following was a speech by Chief Minister Palanisamy on television:

“Dear brothers and sisters, this time I am speaking as one of you and your family, not the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu. My appeal to all of you is that we all know that the coronavirus that sweeps the world, starting in China, is spreading like wildfire.

At the request of the central government, we must observe the 21-day curfew. It is imperative that everyone understands how the virus spreads and how to prevent it. Coronavirus spreads directly from one person to another, through the hands.

The Government of Tamil Nadu is taking various measures to prevent the spread of the disease on a wartime basis. The government has allocated Rs 3,780 crore for coronavirus prevention. There are 10,158 beds and hospitals in readiness. Also, I have ordered to increase the bed number.

144 in Tamilnadu. Sun News live.

During this curfew, all family card holders will be given Rs. Also, rice, pulses, cooking oil and sugar will be provided free of charge for the month of April.

The family of building workers and the Auto Workers Board of Directors will be given a special package of Rs. 1000 and 15 kg of rice, one kg of pulses and one kg of cooking oil.

Registered sidewalk traders will be given an additional Rs 1,000 as relief in addition to the Rs. Hot, healthy meals will continue to be served by Mom’s Restaurant.

Under the Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme, workers who worked this month will be given 2 days’ wages in addition to a special fund. Government action alone is not enough, and the cooperation of each of you is very, very essential.

Stay at home Stay safe

Realize the severity of this illness and you should not leave the house. Those who have come from abroad, volunteer themselves and isolate themselves at home.

If they fail to do so, they may inform their family members, relatives, neighbors, local authorities, the health department or the police.

Isolation means protecting yourself and your family, society and country. Just like your family is important to you, every family in Tamil Nadu is important to the state. People need to realize this.

Realize that these 21 days are a curfew, not a holiday, but a government order to protect yourself and your family. To control the spread of the disease, all district boundaries are closed. So I urge the public to avoid going outdoors.

Dr C Vijaya Bhaskar on Twitter

Health minister of Tamilnadu Dr C Vijaya Bhaskar Visited the Quarantine Center at #Poonamallee where 93 people are quarantined.People there appreciated d Govt for d arrangements.Appreciate the district administration of #Tiruvallur for d arrangements.

Be responsible citizens and protect ourselves and society. Essential commodities such as vegetables, milk, meat, medicines and groceries are available and free of charge. So, don’t let anybody be afraid.

For essential purposes, when coming out, one must comply with the principle of one-to-one, 3-foot spacing. If you experience symptoms like colds, fever, shortness of breath, consult your doctor or government hospital immediately. Do not self-medicate without your doctor’s advice.

Tamilnadu latest news.

If necessary to inform about coronavirus in Tamilnadu, contact the government’s help center numbers, 104 or 1077. Wash hands frequently. Avoid meeting. Sneeze and sneeze, cover your mouth and nose with handcuffs.

For essentials, go out and wash your hands, feet and face with soap, as is our custom, before entering the house. Say goodbye to hand shake and avoid shaking hands.

Stay awake – stay away – stay home. State-issued orders must be strictly followed. For the welfare of the people, from time to time issuing orders from the government, on the violators and the spreading of fake rumors, district administration, police commissioners and district police.

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