Public has no respect for Big Boss Nani !

Hosting Bigg Boss is not as easy as it appears to be. This is the reason why superstars are signed up for the job. However, compromises were made when NTR walked out of the second season of Bigg Boss Telugu citing dates issues. So Nani has replaced him at the last minute and eyebrows were raised at their choice. There’s no denying that Nani is a good actor and has a very good following among the family audience (Television audience). However, he lacks the charm and superstardom possessed by NTR or any other actor that hosts Bigg Boss in various languages. Nani took up the challenge of filling in the big shoes of NTR and has been trying his best to shut the wagging tongues. Somehow, Nani couldn’t take command over the show as yet. A few housemates don’t even fear talking to him. In fact a few like Tejaswi are addressing him without respect and also cracking jokes at him. The contestants used to be very respectful while interacting with Tarak, but we see the second season contestants sitting cross legged and addressing him as Nani and not Nanigaru. Nani also behaves as if he is inferior to activist Babu Gogineni. He always talks to him with due respect and doesn’t disagree with him on any point.

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