Naga Chaitanya’s new release ‘Savyasachi’ to be the first to show twins differently!

In a bid to avoid getting stereotyped, actor Naga Chaitanya has been making a conscious effort to veer away from boy-next-door characters in romantic films. It’s no wonder then that he’s so thrilled to enter, what he calls, “unchartered territory” with Chandoo Mondeti’s Savyasachi. The concept, story, character — everything is exciting, says Chai. “This is the first time in Telugu cinema that a movie has been made about the Vanishing Twin Syndrome. The audience is going to love it because it’s such a new concept,” explains Chaitanya. The film’s trailer, which has created quite a buzz online, shows Naga Chaitanya struggling to get his left hand to do what he wants, in vain. “Well, that’s ’cos whenever my character is angry or excited, his left hand goes out of his control and into the control of the twin he absorbed in the womb. We’ve used this special quality of his to make the film highly entertaining,” he reveals. Admittedly, it’s this quirky twist to his character that made Chai say yes to the story in the first place. “when the director narrated the story to me, this quirk was what got my attention. It adds a touch of uniqueness to my character. It’s not completely fiction either, because there are many people who have experienced such a phenomenon,” points out the Shailaja Reddy Alludu star.

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