Aamani on facing casting couch in her time !

Senior actress Aamani made a name for herself in the industry as one of the beautiful and talented actresses in the showbiz world. She had many hit films and some of them are ‘Jamba Lakidi Pamba’, ‘Mister Pellam’, ‘Nakshatra Poratam’, ‘Subha Lagnam’, ‘Amma Donga’, ‘Subha Sankalpam’, ‘Vamshanikokkadu’, etc. In a statement, she said that she had gone through the phase of the casting couch . In the initial stage of her career, some new filmmakers asked her to come to guest houses alone. She realized their cunning behaviour and stayed far away from such filmmakers. She said that she never answered calls from them after the hasty incidents. But she also said that she didn’t get such calls from renowned filmmakers ever. After marriage, she had taken a break for her private life. She made her re-entry into films as a senior character artist and continuing her stint in the film world. Aamani was last seen in ‘IPC Section: Bharya Bandhu’ which was released last Friday and is receiving a good response from the audience.

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