Yuzvendra Chahal Piyush chawla secrets in The Kapil Sharma Show.

Yuzvendra Chahal Piyush chawla secrets in The Kapil Sharma Show
Yuzvendra Chahal Piyush chawla secrets.

Many secrets opened in The Kapil Sharma Show.

‘Yuzvendra Chahal Piyush Chawla feautured on the ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’ opened many funny and entertaining secrets

Yuzvendra Chahal and Piyush Chawla, came on Sony TV Entertainment’s reality show.

Two famous cricketers, Yuzvendra Chahal and Piyush Chawla, came on TV Entertainment’s No.1 reality show. The name of the show is ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’ as a guest. It had much fanfare. He also opened many untouched secrets of his personal life.

Yuzvendra told that the English cricketer could not speak my name properly and I became ‘UG’ from Yuzvendra for him. In Team India too, fellow players call me as UG only. I was playing an IPL match at the age of 17 in Raipur. Then someone told me at night. Today they are announcing Team India.

Yuzvendra Chahal age.

Place in Team India at the age of 17: According to Yuzvendra, I had no hope but as soon as my friend blasted your name in 16 member team India, I could not believe it. I felt that I was dreaming with waking eyes. On the BCCI website, I kept reading my name on number 16 several times. Then I called my mother and father. I told them, They have selected me in Team India. I could not sleep overnight.

The 35-kilometer journey in the passion of cricket on a cycle: Yuzvendra told that I had a passion for cricket. Ground was 7-8 km from the house. Used to practice on bicycle in the morning. Then after coming from school and school again, I used to cycling 35 km daily. My father then made a pitch at a place near the house and used to practice bowling by reaching here in 5 to 10 minutes. The father’s long struggle has been behind all my success.

Such was the first chance: Yuzvendra’s father was also on Kapil’s show. He told that when my boy was only 10 years old, there were matches of Pataudi Trophy in Sirsa, Haryana. The car carrying the players was punctured in this match. The time has come for the match to begin. Jind had 1 player less in the team, so Yuzvendra, who was present there, got a chance. At the age of 10, he won his team against Sirsa by taking 4 wickets in 5 overs.

Yuzvendra chahal is single.

No girl has bowled yet: Yuzvendra is currently single and no girl has bowled him. The father says that he will see his marriage after 1-2 years, when he says it. Yes, relationships are constantly coming, but we will marry only by her choice.

Have rode on donkeys: This unique bowler of Team India has also donkey rides in childhood. Yuji admitted that he used to go to participate in the marathon race, but while returning there came donkeys from there, so also enjoyed this ride 1-2 times. As a child, Papa wanted me to be a wrestler. But this was not possible because of my leanness.

Junior National Chess Champion: Income tax inspector by profession, Yuzvendra Singh has a passion for chess and has participated in Junior Chess as well as World Chess. Kapil questioned about the pieces of Team India. Anushka Bhabhi is ‘Wazir’ along with Rishabh Pant ‘Elephant’, Mohammad Shami ‘Camel’, and Virat Kohli, said UG. Yuzvendra Singh likes Akshay Kumar and Katrina Kaif in Bollywood.

Piyush Chawla also came with Yuzvendra Chahal in ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’.

He is the first young cricketer to make a place in Team India after Sachin Tendulkar. They bowling with right hand and batting with left hand. He told that when I was selected in the Indian team, I used to study in the 11th grade.

School arrived in the style of James Bond: According to Piyush Chawla, as soon as I came to know that I am going to wear Team India jersey, I picked up the motorcycle and reached school in the style of James Bond. There he told the principal that I am going to play from India now. My presence will be messed up, you will see.

Did not feel like studying: According to Piyush.

I did not feel like studying at all. I felt that if I became a cricketer, I would also get a chance to go abroad. Dad also said that if you play cricket, then you will also get a job in sports quota. Piyush started with fast bowling but later became a spinner. He said, I used to get tired. After throwing 3-4 balls due to long run up.

Fought eyes in Moradabad, heart gave in Delhi: Piyush’s marriage is love marriage. He told that when I was in Moradabad, I definitely fought my eye but love fell on Delhi. Both my mother-in-law and father-in-law are doctors in Delhi. When I told my father that I cannot come to Moradabad again and again, I will stay in Delhi with a flat. Actually I wanted to stay in Delhi with my love story. My favorite heroes are Shahrukh Khan and the heroine Preity Zinta.

Bharti’s joke on drinks: Bharti Singh, who plays ‘Delhi Wali Kammo Bua’ in Kapil’s show, questioned both the cricketers as to who would take a drink in the middle of the match. Kapil Sharma said, aunt, that wine is not water. Kammo aunt said on this, now it came to know that how Dhoni blows so many sixes after drinking water. Our house has to serve other things along with the drinks…

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