Steve Smith was Distraught after Scandal

In a recent interview, Steve Smith said that he cried for four days following the ball tampering scandal that resulted in his year-long ban from international cricket. The media was replete with images of an visibly emotional and then bawling Smith who publicly apologized during a press conference for having been part of an attempt to tamper the ball during the 3rd Test match against South Africa, during their tour of the nation. The other two players who were punished for being part of this incident were David Warner and Cameron Bancroft. Warner received the same ban as Smith, but Bancroft was let off with some leniency for his limited role, and received a nine-month ban.


Both Smith and Warner were unable to participate in the recently concluded IPL season, here in India, and David Warner had subsequently made statements to the effect that he would not be surprised if he would effectively be retiring from playing international cricket for Australia, given the seriousness of his offence. Smith has thanked the support that he has gotten from friends and family during this difficult time in his career, citing them as being the reason for his ability to move beyond this débâcle and get on with things again.


Global T20 Canada, which begins on the 28th of June, will be the first international outing for Smith and Warner after having been banned. It will the first time in a year that the world will have witnessed the bludgeoning power of Warner, and the classier finesse of Smith on the world stage.

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