New Zealand vs India 2020 : Rajeev Shukla backs Virat Kohli displeasure.

New Zealand vs. India : Rajeev Shukla relies on Virat Kohli and criticizes CoA for India’s poor schedule. Rajeev Shukla’s comments came after Virat Kohli’s displeasure at planning the ongoing New Zealand tour. New Zealand vs India live scores ball by ball updates

Rajeev Shukla appealed to the CoA because the Indian calendar was badly scheduled
Shukla said the CoA should have taken the players’ interests into account
Shukla’s comments came after Virat Kohli expressed his displeasure

Former Indian Premier League (IPL) leader Rajeev Shukla called the Administrators Committee (CoA) on Friday for poor planning of the Indian team’s calendar. “I agree with Virat Kohli that the calendar is too hectic. There shouldn’t be any feedback from games and series either. Players need to rest and have enough time to acclimatize. CoA should have taken this into account before the schedule was completed. ” “Shukla tweeted on Friday to mark the BCCI. New zealand vs India 2020 latest news and updates.

Shukla’s comments came after Kohli expressed displeasure at planning the ongoing New Zealand tour. Team India had to go to New Zealand the next day to play the final ODI against Australia in Bengaluru.

Kohli spoke to the media before the first T20I in Auckland, saying that there was a scenario in which the players ended up in the stadium from one series to the next.

“It is getting closer and closer to the landing in the stadium. This has narrowed the gap. It is difficult to immediately adapt this type of arrival to a location that is seven and a half hours ahead of IS. Hopefully this will be tackled. ” into the future, “he pointed out.” But this is the year of the World Cup and every T20 is important. So we can’t lose our focus. “

However, BCCI officials believe that the Indian skipper should have said the same thing instead of talking about it in the media.

“The schedule was tight, but I don’t understand what the problem is if it is a schedule created by the management committee and monitored by the CEO. Given the fact that it appears to be, the problem shouldn’t be with them have been addressed – on the speed dial of each other?

“Even if he had raised the issue with the BCCI secretary, it could have been addressed. While Kohli can express himself freely as he wishes, there is a system that must be followed for problem solving and the essence of the problem System is communication, “the official told IANS.

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